1-Day-Workshop on Innovation Management

The network partners were interested to learn about innovation management in general, new ideas for application to business as well as were curious in how to introduce new innovation, how to bring technologies together, that are not matching in the first place well, and maybe apply these aspects to thew work with students and improve teaching.

On January 18th we had a fantastic online workshop about Innovation Management with 2 focuses decided by our network partners:

Focus 1:  Finding Solutions: Creatvity methods to generate ideas
Focus 2:  Implementing and improving cooperate innovation culture

This workshop was led by LEAD Innovation Austria a Spin-off of the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation of the Vienna University of Economics and Business and founded in 2013.

Contents & Goals

  • Understanding the theory of innovation culture with the components “may”, “can” and “want”
  • Learning to establish and improve innovation culture in the company
  • Theoretical and practical teaching of creativity methods as part of employee empowerment employee empowerment



  • Participants will learn methods and processes that have evolved over the last 17 years in innovation management and especially in consulting

Exercises & Methods:
In this interactive workshop participants were involved in a short introduction with info about their expectations, a survey, team work in 2 groups on a white board, questions and input throughout the workshop as well as a feedback in the end.

Exercise 1: How to enhance Innovatioon Culture (Creativity Method: Nagging)
Exercise 2: The new mix of biology and technique leads to a more personalized and regenerative medical sector (e.g.Telemedicine, Home test, devices): We are
looking for new visionary ideas that might be future innovation fields in the biotechnology (Creativity Method: Intergalactic Thinking)
Exercise 3: Organize and plan a meeting with impulse (single work)