MARCH 9TH: Workshop on Business Development

All Roads lead to Rome - Different types of Business Development and the role of COOs & CFO

The different partners of the international SmartMed Network with the focus on regenerative medicine were very interested in a joint training on Business Development. Therefore we have organized a workshop with the topic of choice: All Roads lead to Rome – Different types of BD and the role of CCOs & CFOs Conception and moderation of the 3hrs-workshop with 6-12 participants from the SmartMed network done by one experienced consultants of Eagle4life B.V., who will ensure the achievement of the goals in an interactive online workshop conducted in English. Together with our network partners from UK, the workshop will be held for 9 am- 12 pm CET (8-11am GMT). Eagles4Life is a company that specializes in building startups, offers interim management and executive coaching.