Prof. Michael Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Developing Virtual Chronic Care Continuum (VC3) using remote vital parameter monitoring and predictive algorithms

+44 797 362 6260

  • Care Innovation Corporation Ltd (CIC) - formed in 2013 based on experiences from a large pioneering telemedicine project in England: “Whole System Demonstrator”
  • CIC is a visionary company delivering new and improved models of care and integrated care solutions in the healthcare domain, improving outcomes for patients whilst reducing costs for providers
  • The Virtual Chronic Care Continuum (VC3) is using advanced wearable devices, AI and lifestyle coaching to minimise acute complications for patients with chronic conditions
  • Our team comprises expertise from around the globe experienced in major eHealth programmes, transforming healthcare facilitating improved service, patient outcomes and satisfaction whilst reducing costs and minimising errors.
  We are looking for:
  • Potential partners for the development of a quantitative method of determining mental wellbeing and smart wearables and to address national and EU wide healthcare standards
  • In addition, a partner to help cover Europe both in terms of marketing and sales.
  • The bulk of the ecosystem for the management of chronic conditions is in place. Some further R&D into the AI is a continuing development, as well testing advanced wearable devices and improving granularity of care pathways.

Carsten Linti

Deputy Head of the Technology Center Biomedical Engineering

Functionalized Medical Devices and Biomaterials

+49 711 934 0365

  • The DITF form the largest textile research center in Europe and the world’s only textile research facility. We are among the leading research institutions worldwide and carry applied research across the entire production chain, from molecules to products.
  • Through product- and technology-oriented innovations and modern management concepts, we contribute to the competitiveness and safeguarding of the German and European economies.
  • Foundation under public law.
  • More than 40 years’ experience in medical device development
  • Certification according to ISO 13485
  • Focus on resorbable and non-resorbable polymer-based devices, implants, drug delivery, 3D printing, infection control, textile-based electronics (sensory and actuating).
  We are looking for:
  • Industrial partner for common R&D projects mainly in the field of:
  • implants,
  • regenerative medicine,
  • smart textiles.

Daniel Holk

Research Assistant, Blockchain and Industry 4.0

Think tank and research centre for blockchain technology and how it can provide a solution for SMEs

  • The Frankfurt School Blockchain Center is a think tank and research center which investigates implications of the blockchain technology, crypto assets, and distributed ledger technology (DLT) for companies and their business models.
  • Besides the development of prototypes, it serves as a platform for managers, startups, technology, and industry experts to share knowledge and best practices.
  • The Blockchain Center also provides new research impulses and develops trainings for students and executives. It focuses on banking, finance, mobility and, “Industrie 4.0”.
  • Since FSBC was founded in 2017 we participated in various research endeavours including e.g. Blockchers, KOSMoS and iBlockchain
  We are looking for:
  • What are the requirements and needs of blockchain in the sector of regenerative medicine?
  • Is Blockchain Technology restricted to patient data, their encryption and disclosure?
  • General learning about (new) possibilities of applications for blockchain in this field.

Christoph Jakob

Partner, Graduate Economist

Individual company orientation and company valuation

  • MIC is an independent and personal institution that supports small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • Tailor-made financing concepts that are individually adapted to the specific financing options and the respective corporate strategy as well advises on business development.
  • The MIC team has several years of operational experience in the management of medium-sized industrial and service companies.
  • Due to this experience, the team members have a great expertise in the field of market requirements and market preparation.
  We are looking for:
  • Network partners who need individual advice on financing solutions, corporate alignment, and business valuation
  • Provide expertise to the partner companies within the network and support them in researching and analyzing the market and in preparing for market entry.

Ulrike Sailer

Managing Partner

Advanced Cold Plasma Therapy (Pinpoint precision technology for acute and chronic wounds)

+49 383 451 5211

  • neoplas med is a spin-off by the Leibniz Institute (INP), leading for plasma science and technology in Greifswald (2009)
  • First milestone is the precision plasma jet technology kINPen® MED - world's first CAP plasma jet with CE certification approved for the treatment of chronic wounds and pathogen-related skin diseases. Made in Germany.
  • Best-evidence based cold plasma technology, World’s 1st clinical RCT study (published in JAMA)
  • UPB kINPen® MED: Precise application, contact-free on the wound with visual control use of noble gas argon ensures consistent treatment quality; 3-effect principle: Inactivation against germs, Granulation, Epithelization
  • Recent milestone: Pioneer of the re-imbursement
  We are looking for:
  • Sharing challenges, finding solutions, creating ideas
  • Seeking for electronic expertise
  • Exchange about recruitment opps in R&D, Sales and Marketing
  • Expansion to new applications, e.g. project “P-Array”
  • Broaden product portfolio

Ramisha Rehman

Translational Projects Manager

MedTech company specialising in the development of novel bioresorbable scaffolds for tissue regeneration and repair.

+44 7710 604 955

  • Neotherix’ mission is to develop innovative devices for the repair of problem wounds (acute, surgical, infected and chronic wounds, periodontal disease, colorectal disease) using electrospun polymer-scaffolds that provide a patient’s own cells with 3D architecture to repopulate and regenerate a wound space/injury site
  • Founded in September 2007 as a spun-out from Smith & Nephew (S&N) to develop and commercialise bioresorbable scaffolds for tissue regeneration and repair.
  • Neotherix develops innovative products for soft tissue repair in a wide range of problem wound applications poorly-served by current products.
  • Bioresorbable tissue scaffolds are tailored to the particular demands of target clinical indications.
  We are looking for:
  • Connecting with companies that can partner in the development and commercialization of our existing products and manufacturing processes.

Dr. Ulrich M. Tillich

Co-founder, Co-CEO & CTO

Image recognition and analysis platform to digitize expert knowledge

+49 160 227 0068

  • At Oculyze we automate your expert image analysis using methodical pattern recognition, AI and deep learning. If your challenge includes manual image processing by an expert, such as detection and counting, we can automate and improve the process!
  • Our vision is to replace tedious manual analyses with our automated solutions to enable the best possible use of your resources. We elevate your analysis to a standardized process, deployed at scale, and available anywhere.
  • Oculyze was founded in November 2016 and has since won a multitude of awards and recognition for its innovative approach towards simplifying the process of microscopic image analysis,
  • Groundbreaking products ‘Better Brewing’ and ‘Fermentation Wine’ which have hundreds of customers in over 40 countries
  We are looking for:
  • We are always open for new applications and use cases where our technology can help to automate manual analysis tasks

Dr. Karen Hung

Senior Scientist and CEO

Diagnostic assay development, – optimisation and validation, distributor for Europe and China

+49 211 301 557 95

  • OneWorld Diagnostics (OWD) is a Dusseldorf based biotech company which focuses on molecular/ microbiology diagnostics and R&D tools and products. Apart from our own R&D we also provide one-stop solution from diagnostic assay development to clinical study and commercialisation.
  • OWD was founded in 2017. The company emerged from the former miacom diagnostics GmbH founded in 2006, whose In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) product division was sold in 2017.
  • OWD has been building up a new business in the field of life science contract research and commercialisation of life science products since 2017.
  We are looking for:
  • We are actively looking for partners.
  • Happy to have partners in R&D projects but we also provide services in commercialization, from regulatory to bringing the products into both European and Asian market.

Franziska Uber

Marketing & Business Development Specialist

Producing, developing and exploiting the broad potential of our platform technology “ELAREM™ Human Platelet Lysate” from academic research to stem cell therapy

+49 151 5316 4215

  • At PL BioScience is one of the worldwide leading providers of animal-free cell culture solutions based on Human Platelet Lysate (HPL).
  • Founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the RWTH Aachen University
  • With our ELAREMTM platform technology, we deliver tailored cell culture supplements covering all needs of cell expansion in academic research, pre-clinical research, and cellular therapy.
  • Thus, we ensure seamless transitions for regenerative medicine – from bench to bedside in one system.
  • Our R&D team works on the development of the next generation Human Platelet Lysate suited to the needs of stem cell therapies.
  We are looking for:
  • Exchange with other innovators who are committed to the development of cell and tissue-engineered regenerative therapies.

Nathan McNally

Programme Director

Katerina Sanchez-Schilling

Program Manager Oncology, AI, & Tech

Support of UK start-ups in development, regulation, investment, adoption to UK and international markets

  • P4 Precision Medicine Accelerator creates an ecosystem for precision medicine to scale, the programme supports UK based and international companies that want to land in the UK and access the R&D and health care system build partnerships and scale It is part of the Capital Enterprise Group where also Cancer Tech Accelerator (CTA) also sits. The CTA programme is an entrepreneur training programme specifically focused on researchers who want to commercialese their IP to make a patient impact in the oncology space.
  We are looking for:
  • Partnering with European universities, startups entities to build strong Horizon Europe collaborations.
  • Support European health/med tech companies to land in the UK and access the right connections.
  • Grow our investment fund connections.

Dr. Christian Herbst

Chief Executive Officer, business attorney and specialist in regulatory affairs

Mimicking nature to heal tissue – Nanofibers from native collagen for advanced wound care, bone-filling (orthopedic/spine/dental) and tissue engineering.

  • SpinPlant has developed a platform technology to produce innovative biomaterials based on electrospun nanofibers made from native collagen.
  • Our platform technology creates a unique position in the market with multiple applications in the fields of orthopedic/spinal surgery, dentistry, and advanced wound healing.
  • Our material is nano- and microporous, 3-dimensional, stable in-vivo, mimics the extracellular matrix (human-tissue equivalent) and has excellent biological properties: biocompatible, biodegradable, osteoconductive and cell friendly.
  We are looking for:
  • Networking with research institutions and companies for collaboration, scientific exchange, cooperation (also regarding conferences and trade fairs)
  • Exchange of experience in product approval and discussion of problems to accelerate R&D activities and market introduction of SpinPlant products
  • Further R&D projects and international cooperation
    - in tissue engineering, e.g. partners who work with human cells that need a scaffold material
    - in the field of advanced wound healing
But we are also open to other areas and innovative ideas!

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Andreas Blaeser

Head of the Institute

Research and development of 3D bioprinting systems, processes and materials

  • Biomaterial’s research: characterization of biomaterials, surface modification and development of biomaterial/ hydrogel formulations
  • Biofabrication and 3D-bioprinting: R&D of 3D-bioprinting systems, automated cell assembly methods and bioreactors.
  • Modelling and experimental investigation of different mechanisms and phenomena for the transport of fluid and solid biomaterials and their interaction with living cells.
  • Biomedical applications: Bioprinted Organ-on-a-Chip systems for pharmacological and toxicologial screenings and research. Bioprinted implants for regenerative medicine.
  • Non-medical applications: Bioprinted consumables (e.g. food, leather). Bioprinted sensors, actors, and bio-devices.
  We are looking for:
  • New interdisciplinary and industry-driven projects at the interface between:
  • Different technologies: Biomaterials, Biofabrication and 3D-Bioprinting as well as Biotechnology
  • Versatile fields of applications: Regenerative Medicine, Drug-screening and toxicity testing as well as non-medical products (food, meat, leather)

Prof. Dr. Marius Ader

Group Leader Research Group Retinal Regeneration

Understanding the mechanism of cell transplantation to improve retinal function

+49 351 458 822 03

  • The CRTD established as a DFG research center in 2006 and was the first DFG research center in the field of stem cell research.
  • At the CRTD, top researchers from more than 30 countries are working on new therapeutic approaches.
  • We decipher the principles of self-healing processes and the development of regenerative therapies for previously incurable diseases.
  • Prof. Dr. Ader's research focuses on understanding the mechanism of cell transplantation to improve retinal function, which plays an important role for retinal degeneration diseases.
  We are looking for:
  • Partner in the field of ATMP development
  • Interdisciplinary and industry-driven projects at the interface of GMP compatibility for retinal degenerative diseases

Prof. Dr. Marcus Frohme

Head of Molecular Biotechnology and Functional Genomics

Aanalytical possibilities of functional genomics, laboratory automation, AI, IoT and deep learning in biomedicine and pharma

+49 337 550 8249

  • TH-Wildau's Vision and Mission: Add Application to Academia and Innovation to Industry
  • Strenghs: CrossSectional Approach & interdisciplinarity
  • Patenting, Standardization, Transfer to Society
  • Cooperations in HealthTech, FoodTech, EcoTech
  • Development of new diagnostic and theranostics methods and (anti-cancer) drugs
  • Image- and Signal acquisition and Processing
  • Deep Learning, Machine Learning and AI for medicine
  • Animal experiments, plant pathogens, patient samples
  • Cell-culture, micromanipulation, NGS and qPCR
  • Analytics: MALDI-TOF, LC-MS/MS, GC-MS NMR,
  • Various microscopy-techniques, Raman-Microscopy
  • Lab Automation, High Throughput Handling, Robotics
  We are looking for:
  • Cooperation projects with industry partners
  • Our contribution for partners’ demands in:
  • - Development of Applications of AI / DeepLearning / MachineLearning Methods
    - Processing of non-stationary, non-linear, heterogeneous signals
    - Integration and processing of huge amounts of data
    - ImageAcquisision (in particular microscopy) and processing
    - LabDigitalisation
    - Bio-Analysis

Dr. Melissa Berthelot

Chief Executive Officer

Remote monitoring for preventive care using innovate measuring sensor and AI

+44 771 957 3922

  • WarnerPatch is a non-invasive wearable medical device that predicts disease evolution for clinicians to give preventive care, improve patient outcome and save care costs.
  • WarnerPatch is connected with cellular connection- thus, allowing remote monitoring for safe early discharge of post-operative patients with a reduced readmission rate.
  • Founded in 2019
  We are looking for:
  • Connections to stakeholders within remote monitoring medical device
  • Better understanding of the commercialization approach across EU countries
  • Introduction to other supporting organisations or groups